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  • signature fruit crisp pack
  • signature fruit crisp pack
  • signature fruit crisp pack

signature fruit crisp pack

Bundle includes 6 Packs 

* 2 of each flavor (apple, orange, pear)

* 30 slices (give or take) per pack

* $7.50 per pack (regularly $7.99)

This is the perfect entertaining staple and introduction to our three signature flavors - Apple, Orange and Pear. The Signature Entertainer Pack will take your gluten-free gourmet entertaining to the next level with our delectable Apple, Orange and Pear crisps - the perfect epicurean companion and effortlessly elegant addition to any affair.

Simple & Crisp dried apples are delicious on its' own or paired with white wines, vanilla ice cream and dulce de leche, iced or warm teas, or cheeses like chèvre, brie, extra-aged gouda or triple cream.

Pair Simple & Crisp dried oranges with everything from merlot, to cupcakes to chocolate ice cream, iced or hot black teas to mochas and Americanos, or cheeses like gruyere, gouda, pecorino or sharp, cave-aged cheddar.

Try Simple & Crisp dried pears with sauvignon blanc and riesling, enjoy charcuterie with pear, or cheeses like manchego, brie, triple cream or earthy, salty bleu, or sweet treats like vanilla ice cream or a rich hazelnut spread.


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