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  • dried blood orange crisps
  • dried blood orange crisps
  • dried blood orange crisps
  • dried blood orange crisps

dried blood orange crisps

This seasonal treat is only available for a limited time during the early winter into spring, and they taste as amazing as they look! Simple & Crisp Blood Oranges are the perfect balance of sweet and tart, the flavors are as vibrant as their stunning red hues - they're the perfect way to elevate your entertaining experience and dress up your presentation.

Please your palate and your visual senses by pairing Simple & Crisp Blood Orange with your favorite indulgences. Try drizzling Blood Orange slices with rich dark chocolate, garnish a decadent gelato or top off a luscious vanilla cupcake. Enhance your wine by pairing Blood Orange with Viognier or Rosé, discover a depth of flavors with cheeses like chèvre or epoisses, and add a splash of color to cocktails or get creative with hors d'oeuvres and serve them with smoked salmon and mascarpone – Simple & Crisp Blood Orange is pure pairing perfection - click here for other creative ideas.

this product is seasonal and currently unavailable.

Blood Orange Crisps (1.6oz) $7.99

Deluxe Blood Orange Crisps (6x 1.6oz Packs) $45.00
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